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Genuine Open-Pit Bar-B-Que
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  • Genuine open pit Bar-B-Q
  • Less Shrinkage
  • Cook unattended
    • No Watching
    • No Turning
    • No Fear of fire
  • No skilled employees needed.
  • No additional labor.
  • Cooks with clean, tasteless electricity and Tennessee hickory wood - no gas or fuel after taste.
  • Tennessee hickory wood cooks the genuine old south Bar-B-Q. Mesquite and other woods can be used.
  • Fully automatic - just set the timers.
  • Easy to clean - all stainless steel construction.
  • Bar-B-Q will always be consistent.
  • Very Profitable.  Inexpensive to operate, as low as $0.14 per hour.
  • Satisfied customers include restaurants, caterers, convenience stores, grocery stores, all types of food service operations, and barbecue stands.
  • Warranty one year on all parts.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Call tool free for more information or a demonstration.

Bar-B-Q. Real hickory smoked open pit barbecue.  It's more than just a meal, it's a taste of Southern tradition and culture.  Through the years many styles and tastes of barbecue have developed across the South, each having it's own local flavor and legend.

Being successful in the barbecue business requires more than just cooking.  It requires that you develop your own personal style of open pit barbecue as well as reputation for providing consistent quality, time and time again.  Successful barbecue businesses develop a style and character of their own.  Myths, legends, and stories about cooking methods, sauces, and recipes often accompany famous barbecue restaurants and pig stands.  Southerners buy only the "genuine article," -- real southern open pit barbecue.  For true connoisseurs, nothing else even comes close.

The Hickory Creek Bar-B-Q Cooker delivers genuine open pit barbecue smothered with rich Tennessee hickory wood smoke.  The temperature is consistent through tout the cooking chamber, so there are no hot or clod spots.  The meat is cooked over infrared electric heaters o there is no offensive fuel aftertaste.  The Hickory Creek Bar-B-Q Cooker is completely automatic, no need to stay up late at night to cook the next day's barbecue.  Just set the controls and push the start button.  The cooker shuts down at the end of the cooking cycle.  Delicious, hickory smoked barbecue cooked just like an open pit is ready to serve.


The Hickory Creek Cooker is flexible.  barbecue is the specialty but our foods can be cooked the same easy, automatic way.  Delicious roast beef, roast turkey, baked chicken, cold smoked fish, meat loaf and beef rounds are cooked to perfection with the push of a button.  Large volumes of catering foods such as steaks, baked potatoes, chops, chicken and dressing, baked fish and many other foods that caterers specialize in are easy to roast and bake.  western style beef and beef brisket cooks slow and tender.  Barbecue shrimp, barbecue ribs and barbecue chicken are other items your customers will rave about.  Hickory Creek Bar-B-Q smoked turkey is so good that you  must taste it to believe it.  The Hickory Creek Bar-B-Q Cooker is the most versatile cooker-roaster on the market today.

68 1/2"
54 1/2"
32 1/2"
Height (Lid Raised)
Approximate Shipping Weight
350 lbs.
250 lbs.
200 lbs.
Cooking Area
56" x 42"
42" x 31"
24" x 24"
Normal AMPS (1 smoker on)
8.4 / 11.2
4.4 / 5.75
3 / 4
Wire Size

COMPAREHickory Creek
Open Pit
Genuine BBQ
Requires No Attention

Consistent Temperature

Consistent Product

No Skilled Labor Needed

No Fear of Fire

No Turning of Product

Produces Minimal Heat

Easy to Operate